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Missed connection on tinder. Jonathan ISO Ginny

2021.10.25 14:40 physchy Missed connection on tinder. Jonathan ISO Ginny

Looking for Ginny (19f) who goes to UIC, has a white dog, likes studio ghibli and anime (Naruto and HxH), and is getting a matching tattoo with her brother on Friday. My tinder deleted many of my matches when I updated the app. We were planning on meeting up soon but I never got her number. Idk if this is where I should look for her or what. Any help would be much appreciated.
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2021.10.25 14:40 Kory818 Jan Blachowicz is Geralt of Rivia confirmed

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2021.10.25 14:40 Nostrildumbass ‘Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time’ Now Fully Playable In VR

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2021.10.25 14:40 SuspiciousDoughnut87 Blurry eyes from TMJD

Just curious, how many people get blurry eyes as a result of their TMJ? I’ll wake up with migraines from mine, as I know many do, but it feels as if the muscles are so exhausted from involuntarily clenching that it takes too much effort to focus my eyes. The pain is actually relieved when I just let my eyes go out of focus. I know it’s not my actual eyes cause when this first happened a couple years ago I thought it was my eyes and had them checked and they kind of thought I was crazy cause I was saying I was having trouble focusing my eyes yet they found nothing physically wrong with the eye or anything behind it. It took over another year to find out I had TMJD related issues. If anyone else gets this same eye thing, how do you deal with it? It’s hard to read, look at a computer screen, study, DRIVE. Literally ripping apart my life right now. Help.
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2021.10.25 14:40 guille_ur Datos Unasev: 221 personas murieron en accidentes de tránsito en la primera mitad del 2021

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2021.10.25 14:40 sirtopraklar Ne dersiniz

Şu anda grub bir karanlık intahar havasına büründü ne dendir bilmem ama bu kadar çözüm yoksa dolar hazır artmış iken gruptan bir 30k-60k kişi rte konuşmasında zıt şeyler söylesek nasıl olur birlerinin başlatması gerekiyor aynı Romanya 1989 da olduğu gibi devletin kaybolan otoritesini halk geri getirebilir
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2021.10.25 14:40 KampungBryant 📀 GOLDTUBE | 💲 Earn Money Watching Videos | 🅱 $60,000 Campaign Prize | 🐛 Week 2 Initial Bounty Program | 🎁 Watch & Earn Prototype System Available Now | 🧪 Test Out The System & Get Rewarded For It | 🚀 Participate GoldTube Campaign For a Slot in Pre-Sale Round | 📀

🎬 Netflix = Pay-To-Watch 💻 YouTube = Free-To-Watch 📀 GoldTube = Paid-To-Watch
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For Viewers: 🍿 Earn GoldTube (GOLT) Token From Watching Videos 🍿 GOLT-TO-GOLD System Allowing Viewers to Invest GOLT to Earn More GOLT within the GoldTube Ecosystem 🍿 Same Content, One is Free-To-Watch, One is Paid-To-Watch. Which Will You Choose?
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2021.10.25 14:40 manuelmg_ Huge W

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2021.10.25 14:40 KrisEike First meme video was a success. Here is a second one!

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2021.10.25 14:40 CaroleBell [Hiring] Apply Now: Pharmacy Technician in Reno

Apply here
We are hiring, Apply Now: Pharmacy Technician inNevada, Reno for Rx relief
Apply here
Click on the above link to know more details about the job, such as schedule, benefits, and salary range.
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2021.10.25 14:40 DragonfruitFree2183 Renege Advice

I may renege on an offer, but not sure what to do.
I was given an offer for full time SE new grad job by Company A, but was only given ten days from a verbal offer. Now, I am have a more generous offer with Company B that may have a better timeline and might be a better opportunity. Company A is a subsidiary of Company B, but they are very separate in terms of management. Has anyone reneged on a new grad offer? I don't want to do it but I have to look out for myself too, right?! Looking for advice.
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2021.10.25 14:40 bigstacey Clue 3

I'm on level 18 the game what's the next clue
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2021.10.25 14:40 Icy-Ad-4995 RSI looking good for all hours,huge buying pressure we move shib army we move 🥊

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2021.10.25 14:40 WreckerdSetter Customer service

Fedex: Need to change your delivery address or have it sent to FedEx store 24 hours before its delivered? No problem.
Amazon: Need to change your delivery address before your product even ships? Sorry we can't do that, your product is about to ship. We can send your grandma into space though, will that work?
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2021.10.25 14:40 Lazze123456 🤩⁉️Free roll🎯win splash 🤩pot⁉️get a free 🎟 ticket to our monthly free roll 5k plus pay out 🤩⁉️🎯🏆 Join us @club code 2022u🤩

🤩⁉️Free roll🎯win splash 🤩pot⁉️get a free 🎟 ticket to our monthly free roll 5k plus pay out 🤩⁉️🎯🏆 Join us @club code 2022u🤩 submitted by Lazze123456 to pokerrrr2 [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 14:40 shootingbot Powder Valley: Hodgdon Hs-6

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2021.10.25 14:40 vampirepomeranian Noticing an increase in overnight boondocking in large uncrowded parking lots

Pandemic has closed many brick & mortar stores that Amazon couldn't, or reduced their hours. This goes for hotels also. Empty parking lots abound that have suddenly become too large. I'm guessing the cops are not enforcing, nor landlords, on the basis that some presence is better than nothing so long as trash isn't an issue. Many strip centers have easily accessible dumpsters.
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2021.10.25 14:40 Professional-Tank-64 Anxious over vaccine

For months, I have struggled with the idea of getting the covid-19 vaccine. I hate the idea of the mandates and being restricted from doing things by not being vaccinated. I also have some serious concerns about the vaccine side effects or potential long-term effects as well. For months, I had made appointments and cancelled but, finally went through with it and got my first dose earlier this month. While I wish I felt my relief by doing so, I am just now anxious and dreading the second dose which I am due for tomorrow night. I am to the point that I am considering not even going to my appointment. Has anyone else experiences feaanxiety over the vaccine? if so, how did you overcome it. I know it is probably the right thing to do to go to the appointment and get the second dose, I just can't help but have this awful feeling about it. Anyone with similar experiences or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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2021.10.25 14:40 DuaneWalker15 Diluc

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2021.10.25 14:40 paxpelus Zeppelin - 60 x 22

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2021.10.25 14:40 Titan-Enceladus Animation in the new Blue Origin video seems uh... Familiar...

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2021.10.25 14:40 TomTomDevs Did you know there is an entire unpopulated city in South Korea designed to test autonomous driving technology? K-City is a great example of what the future of safe mobility holds.

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2021.10.25 14:40 JustBeats2 Watch4Watch + Like4Like

  1. Watch the full video (3 min):
  2. After watching like the video (do not subscribe)
  3. Post #like number and your video link below
  4. I will do the same
(Please do provide proof by giving the #like number. I will not respond to people who spam links in the comments)
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2021.10.25 14:40 BigRecognition9140 Driving licence

Hello everyone, two years ago I passed the code and parking test , but failed twice the road one If I apply again Im I going to redo the 3 testes or only the road one ?
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2021.10.25 14:40 Iammeagantron HELP PROGRESS DELETED

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