What font is the script one? TIA

2021.10.25 12:50 eliiiiz What font is the script one? TIA

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2021.10.25 12:50 yali4051 A kind of sad playlist what songs should I add to this playlist?

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2021.10.25 12:50 doxollogy Thats ME

So in my last relationship I was definitely abusive. I would yell at my ex. Accuse her of cheating. Spy on her phone. We would hit eachother. I would yell at the kids. Then "out of nowhere" the cops started showing up. Wasnt long before I got banned from the property. Now she won't talk to me anymore. I've gone to therapy and gotten my emotions and paranoia under control but the damage is already done. Nothing I can do now will fix what I broke.
The worst part of all is I still miss her and long for the day we can try again.
Like that'll ever happen.
Thanks for listening to this shit-head's short story of his complete demise.
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2021.10.25 12:50 nintendowire-poster Pokémon Café and Pikachu Sweets adding variety of Sinnoh-themed servings to menu this November

Pokémon Café and Pikachu Sweets adding variety of Sinnoh-themed servings to menu this November
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2021.10.25 12:50 Important_Spinach124 Legit check on Burberry trench

Hey gang,
Please could I get your thoughts on this Burberry trench? Legit or no? And can you identify the style? These neck straps have me puzzled! Thanks!
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2021.10.25 12:50 coollikethat504 All I could see was Bethy and Dāv in 15 years...

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2021.10.25 12:50 DALeast [H] 310 Knives⚔️, 75 Gloves🧤 , And a bunch of play skins (M9 Gamma Doppler Emerald, Awp Prince, M4 Poseidon, Aug Akihabara, Karambit gamma p2, Butterfly Tiger, Talon Fade, Karambit Tiger, Karambit lore, Omega MW, Marble Fade MW, Black Tie MW, Field Agent MW and Karambit Doppler) [W] Offers 🔥

🦥 I don't update the list of items each day so take a look in my inventory to see if the item is still there or not 🦥
🌼To add: https://steamcommunity.com/id/DALeast/
To Send Offer: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffenew/?partner=192698961&token=dfTbP9y6
🌼When I check offers I will be looking at buff prices 😃

🌼Butterfly Knives:
🌼Karambit Knives:
🌼M9 Knives:
🌼Talon Knives:
🌼Bayonet Knives
🌼Ursus Knives:
🌼Stiletto Knives:
🌼Flip Knives:
🌼Shattered Web Knives:
🌼Bowie Knives:
🌼Huntsman Knives:
🌼Gut Knives:
🌼Falchion Knives:
🌼Navaja Knives:
🌼Shadow Daggers:
🌼And Much More (:
🌼I use Buff for prices 😃
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2021.10.25 12:50 Subdiesion100 What should I do guys

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2021.10.25 12:50 liwiakitty Trading

Reindeer stroller (kinda picky)
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2021.10.25 12:50 IM_Panda LG 34GK950F-B - Woke up to this. Chances of repair?

Woke up this morning, booted up and everything looked fine until I opened up browser. Screen started fuzzing from top to bottom and stayed like that. Have tried different cables, disconnecting power for a bit, but nothing seems to work. Bought over a year ago so out of warranty. This is my only UW and I loved it so it would suck to have to shell out another 1k for something similar.
What are the chances of being repairable. I can't seem to find the model number on the LG repair site either.
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2021.10.25 12:50 progmars Please help me to test if GPU scaling for AMD GPUs works as expected

If you happen to have an AMD GPU that's not older than about 5 years and you have reasonably up-to-date AMD GPU drivers and Windows 10 64 bit, then please help me with a test.
Here are the steps:
1) set your display resolution to 1360x768 or the closest non-native that is supported by your monitor (could be also 1366x768).
2) verify that your monitor is indeed switched to this resolution by opening your monitor's OSD (on-screen display) information menu and looking up the current resolution there. Make sure the image fills the entire screen without any black bars (you might have to adjust your display settings to use Fill mode and not 1:1 mode).
Important: Do not trust your eyes and don't assume the display has switched to the requested resolution just because everything got bigger! In my experience, it could have switched to a different resolution, as commanded by GPU drivers to (wrongly) combine monitor's scaling with GPU scaling!
Please report your success for step 2:
- if your desktop image fills the entire screen and looks enlarged, and your display reports to be at the exact resolution that you specified, then just comment "2 worked"
- if the result is something else, then leave a comment "2 didn't work". I'll also appreciate a description of what exactly went wrong.

3) now open up your AMD GPU settings (Crimson etc.). Open Display tab. Toggle the GPU Scaling option to On. The screen will go black momentarily while GPU Scaling is being enabled. Select "Full panel" mode from the Scaling Mode drop-down menu.
4) verify that your monitor is at its native resolution by opening your monitor's OSD (on-screen display) information menu and looking up the current resolution there. Verify that the image fills the entire screen without any black bars.
Please report your success for step 4:
- if your desktop image fills the entire screen and looks enlarged, and your display reports to be at its native resolution, then just comment "4 worked"
- if the result is something else, then leave a comment "4 didn't work". I'll also appreciate a description of what exactly went wrong.
Also, it would be great to know your exact Windows 10 and AMD driver version and GPU model.
If you see that someone else has already left a comment with their results, your feedback still could be important. You might have different results, in which case it would be good to know your system specs to compare. The issue might be specific to the driveWindows version.

Now the long story.
I'm a visually handicapped programmer and have to use my LCD monitor at non-native resolution to be able to work comfortably. Windows built-in text scaling does not work well because not every software deals with it the same way. I have seen broken texts, hidden input elements and other issues. So, a reduced resolution is still my best option.
I have noticed that on some LCDs their internal scaler gives better image quality than the GPU one, and on other LCDs, it's the opposite. So, to have full freedom of choice, I need a GPU that can correctly switch between the monitor's built-in scaling and GPU scaling.
Before Windows 10, I was using an AMD GPU. At that time I had a monitor that had pretty good built-in scaling. When I set the desired reduced resolution in Windows display settings, it worked just fine, I saw the correct resolution in the display's OSD menu.
Then I upgraded to Windows 10 and GPU scaling started messing things up. When I set GPU scaling to Off in Crimson, I still see my display reporting it's at the native resolution, which means that the GPU scaling took over. I tried everything - reinstalling drivers, changing resolution aftebefore I switch GPU scaling On/Off. Nothing helped. The only thing that worked was to install old AMD drivers that weren't even officially Windows 10 compatible and I would have no future updates for them.
Then I decided to try my older Nvidia GPU. Scaling worked as it should - I could turn it on/off, and the scaling was handled by my LCD or GPU accordingly. One important thing is that Nvidia drivers have their own resolution dropdown, and it must be used to make things work right. If I use Windows Settings resolution, it starts messing things up. So, the AMD's issue might be actually a combination of the fact that Crimson had no place to set the resolution, and Windows resolution setting messes up the GPU scaling on/off state.
So, I upgraded to a new Nvidia GPU, scaling worked fine, and I haven't tried AMD since. But now, when in some stores there's a better chance to get an AMD GPU, I might consider AMD again, only if I'm sure it can handle both GPU / non-GPU scaling properly.
I hope you will help me to verify if AMD / Windows GPU scaling issues have been resolved.
Thank you for your time.
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2021.10.25 12:50 Natural_Quiet_2084 Ocugen is going

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2021.10.25 12:50 Matildequellabella06 trova le differenze:

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2021.10.25 12:50 callmegrizzly94 [Request] @meepmomentt

Anyone subscribed to her onlyfans or know where she is on Reddit? Her Instagram is @awnuhmoment
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2021.10.25 12:50 MalcolmWES Janelle Casanave gives a Svetlana update

🚨NEW POD🚨 Janelle Casanave joins me for Episode 109. Janelle stepped out of the spotlight for a while after her last Challenge, The Gauntlet 3. She talks to me about why she stepped away, and what made her want to return to All Stars. We talk about her famous Real World Key West season, and if she saw Bananas stardom coming, her dynamic with Svetlana and when they last spoke, and why we really didn't get a Team key West on Battle of seasons 2012. She talks about being the most recent woman of color to win A challenge on Inferno 3 and what changed on Gauntlet 3 and much more! https://youtu.be/hlpTTV2n9Us
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2021.10.25 12:50 Milone_Money_Mindset New York sports card pickups!!!

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2021.10.25 12:50 lazlo_camp Drama Watch 10/25/2021: A Week In San Antonio, TX, On A $78,000 Salary

Today: a community planner who makes $78,000 per year and spends some of her money this week on an iced lavender matcha latte.
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2021.10.25 12:50 xAdReNaLiNx Macht ihr euch oft Gedanken über den Tod und fürchtet ihr euch vor ihm oder heißt ihr ihn willkommen?

Mal etwas tiefgründigeres. Ich bin erst Anfang 20 und dennoch mache ich mir zur Zeit des Öfteren Gedanken über den Sinn des Lebens und wieso alles so ist, wie es ist. Früher hatte ich selten über den Tod und was er mit sich bringt nachgedacht, doch in letzter Zeit immer mehr. Eventuell auch, weil ich mit meiner derzeitigen Lebenssituation nicht ganz zufrieden bin (nichts schlimmes, wahrscheinlich Luxusprobleme). Oft mach ich mir Gedanken wofür ich das alles hier mache, man stirbt doch sowieso. Und ja man soll das kurze Leben was man hat so sehr wie möglich genießen, aber das ist nicht so einfach, wenn man eigentlich sein ganzes Leben arbeiten muss, um sich einen halbwegs zufriedenstellenden Lebensstil zu finanzieren. Ich hatte das Glück, dass meine Eltern sehr gutes Geld verdienen, so hat es mir bisher an nichts gemangelt, aber langsam muss man sich sein eigenes Leben aufbauen und das kann ziemlich an einem nagen. Keine Freundin, neue Stadt wegen Studium, in welchem man während Corona sehr schwer ankommt. Ein paar Freunde von früher sind zwar geblieben, jedoch ist es da auch sehr eintönig geworden, wenn man mal in die Heimatstadt zurückkehrt und man macht immer die selben Sachen (Shishabar). Früher war ich jeden Tag feiern aber darauf habe ich komischerweise auch keine Lust mehr. Ich finde einfach, dass das Leben in der Schule und der Jugend so viel einfacher und abwechslungsreicher war und obwohl ich ja echt noch jung bin, denke ich mir, was soll noch groß kommen, was einen erfüllt, außer eine eigene Familie. Ich hatte eigentlich immer extrem Angst vor dem Tod und wollte am liebsten unendlich lange leben aber so langsam verstehe ich wieso die meisten älteren Menschen den Tod eher begrüßen als fürchten. Eventuell ist es auch nur eine Phase gerade, aber ich wollte trotzdem gerne mal von eurer Sicht- oder Denkweise auf diese Thematik hören. Ich hoffe der Text war nicht zu wirr, ich habe ihn gerade in Gedanken einfach runtergetippt.
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2021.10.25 12:50 justarandomjuser the very first time you've entered Bleak falls barrows, how did you opened the puzzle door ?

A: by thinking and logic / trying the object sizes in order
B: try and error / bruteforce
C: one of the very few who actually looked it up on the claw
D: used cheats or glitches
E: just luck
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l C++
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Discord: topgradestutor#9004
Phone: 1(213)218-6356
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2021.10.25 12:50 ItsYaBoiDJ Summer Sunset from South Shore

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2021.10.25 12:50 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert ACCIDENT (TRAFFIC) W TROPICANA AVE / S RAINBOW BLVD 10/25/2021 8:23:05 AM incident #LLV211000105059
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2021.10.25 12:50 FloydianSlip79 So, Tried for a Trippy Shot Loadout, and uh... Looks like the gods approved.

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2021.10.25 12:50 pebble255 My perfectionism and overthinking has burned me out of this hobby.

When I was learning how to code, I had a lot of fun creating projects even if they weren't perfect. It felt good every time I finished something and it was like another milestone for me. Now I'm at this point where starting a project feels like an enormous undertaking.
Wanna make a game of pong? What if I'm not using the right language? Would I be better off learning this plugin? What if I start learning that plugin, but it starts to feel easier to just code it from scratch? What if I start coding it from scratch, but I would prefer the plugin? Sure I'm overthinking things, but what things? What parts are meant to be overthought and which parts are meant to be left simple? Why am I even making this project in the first place? Is an wmployer going to even be impressed with this? Why is it more exciting to think about making this game than it is to actually make the game?
I could throw together a js program that did something really simple only a few years ago, but I feel like by not using version control or testing certain functions, I'm depriving myself of useful skills that I need to develop. I just want to enjoy this hobby and make things I enjoy. I didn't ask to worry about all of this!
I feel like I want a job in this field, but that I don't know how to start actually working toward this goal. I did actually finish a simple project this year though and it felt amazing!
I wish I could take on more complicated things like a 3D solar system, but I'm finding myself overthinking the whole thing and just abandoning the project again. I don't know what to do.
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2021.10.25 12:50 trueblueFD91 Cool guy wants to serve up some gravy

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