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Waiting for Buy signal on $LILA https://t.co/gt8Y7uOAxq

2021.10.25 14:31 ShortAlgo Waiting for Buy signal on $LILA https://t.co/gt8Y7uOAxq

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2021.10.25 14:31 TwistedFluke Simplest and easiest way of finding stocks

Quite a few people always ask how people find particular stocks like DWAC and stocks that jump over 10%. One of the ways you can find these kind of stocks that not many people discuss about is to do the following at market open:

  1. Go to any website that has "most active" stocks for the day
  2. Sort by most active
  3. Sort by biggest gain %
  4. Sort by biggest drop %
You can also google upcoming ipos to see if there's any that you feel might be pump worthy or has hype behind it.
If you follow these steps, you'll be ahead of the majority here on wsb.
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2021.10.25 14:31 Econolife_350 [WTB] AK-V Palmetto 35rd magazines. (TX)

Ballpark $12/mag in good condition, would prefer to buy more than a few.
Let me know what you have or if you're looking for anything in trade, thanks!
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2021.10.25 14:31 flowlab_app Csikszentmihalyi - the founding father of "Flow theory" and one of the most inspiring minds of the last century - passed away last week. May he rest in peace🙏

Csikszentmihalyi - the founding father of submitted by flowlab_app to motivation [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 14:31 m0rrow Princess Mononoke redraw with my Inquisitor and her Jedi by @QueenPersethany on Twitter

Princess Mononoke redraw with my Inquisitor and her Jedi by @QueenPersethany on Twitter submitted by m0rrow to swtor [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 14:31 JoJoKunium Do you feel guilty about not answering your matches?

Ghosting sucks. Ghosting REALLY sucks, but there are too many people to answer every day.
I have about 50 matches now and I still write most of them. But sometimes I can't answer for 5 days because I just can't keep up. I don't want to hurt people. It kinda hurts me.
I know this sounds like the biggest first-world problem there is, but I fear I'm hurting people and that's not cool.
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2021.10.25 14:31 wade_cwn What Race?

What race is popular rn? Just curious.
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2021.10.25 14:31 PlebGuru Good things are happening today :)

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2021.10.25 14:31 Allariana 26 [M4F] Looking for long term chat and friends

Hello, as the title says looking for good friends to chat with. :) I’m 26, Male, Irish, my picture is in my profile if you’re interested!
Big into travelling, mostly around Europe but would love to hear your travel stories from any part of the world. I’m a working professional working from home at the moment so would love some pictures and stories of your adventures recently!
Feel free to send me your kik or ask for mine, excited to hear from you :)
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2021.10.25 14:31 treefidy Please, make me like beans.

I have never really liked beans but I am trying to cut down my food cost to save up for a plane ticket. I heard rice and beans is the way but I have never liked them. I have never really tried making them but I am a very good cook so whatever you got I can try my best. Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.25 14:31 Disruptish RED SUPER DEEP DIAMOND 133.5 CT

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2021.10.25 14:31 ShortAlgo Waiting for Buy signal on $LILM https://t.co/bidZbD46jG

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2021.10.25 14:31 JacksonTeoh91 If you're a gamer looking for a deal, this bundle is for you.

If you're a gamer looking for a deal, this bundle is for you. submitted by JacksonTeoh91 to AdvertiseYourVideos [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 14:31 bencahill11 Darkrai

Darkrai 2184 5269 2760
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2021.10.25 14:31 amirhoseyn4489 😂😐خود خودشه😐😂😂 واکنشش دقیقا همینه

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2021.10.25 14:31 Eshaqlol I’m trading a neon phoenix for 6 Phoenix

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2021.10.25 14:31 Wobble-D-Wobbles I've tried over 30 Faucets and narrowed down a few I recommend that require minimal input with no spammy ads or surveys required :)

Ever tried a crypto Faucet? Chances are you have tried one but it looked sketchy or wasn't profitable. Here are the best examples with quick payouts and very little input required! :)
I'm a big fan of simplicity and faucets with extra steps and high payout minimums are just going to waste your time. Obviously you won't get mega rich but, I like faucets to help cover some of the transaction costs of converting and moving cryptos.
I've tried the Dutchy's, Cointply, autofaucets, etc. and I hate them. It always feels like your 1 click away from a virus and so much input required to earn.
If you would like proof of payment on any of my suggestions, please let me know.
https://pipeflare.io/8z9g <-- Referral Link
Pipeflare is the faucet you wish all faucets were like.
Why do I recommend this one?
Pros: -extremely legit and fast payouts -3 Cryptos to claim - ZEC, MATIC, 1FLR(their own token) -It is one of the only ones that I found that will literally pay ZEC to your Coinbase immediately with no minimum. This is huge because so many faucets have minimums that can take weeks to meet before you can get paid. -Pipeflare just recently released their own crypto Token that is doing very well: 1FLR https://coinstats.app/coins/flare-token/ you can claim the Token daily through the faucet and stake-able through the Pipeflare website -Very little input required. Once a day to claim. Only other thing offered are mini games that reward the leader board. They're basic flash games and getting to the leader board isn't that hard if you're into it that kind of thing. -Its not riddled with trashy spam ad's all over the place. Faucets are notorious for this because they generate revenue from the ads. I hate all of the spam and dangerous links, its like Limewire all over again! -Bonus on the rewards for just using the Brave browser. Its the best browser anyway and if you're reading this, you're probably already using Brave for that sweet sweet BAT. -Daily login rewards in the form of a multiplier, additional "spin" every week that's worth about 2-3 days of claims -Additional multipliers in the form of NFTs or purchased referrals are also available. -You're rewarded for your referral's claims, and your referral's referral's claims, and your referral's referral's referral's claims. *Why else do you think I'm trying to get you to sign up :)*
Cons: -Requires some socials to be verified for the multipliers. I'd recommend setting up some dummy social accounts for all of your faucets -MATIC does require a minimum of .25 to withdraw. The MATIC faucet is new as of about a week ago so I'm not sure how long it'll take to get to .25. -It hasn't made me a bazillionaire yet :)
\Honorable Mentions\
https://globalhive.io/142808 <-- Referral Link
GlobalHive only pays out ZEC, immediately just like Pipeflare, no minimums, ZEC right to wallet. Just like Pipeflare, no ads, 1 captcha, once a day.
https://getzen.cash/auth/register?ref=443173 <-- Referral Link
Basically the exact same platform as Globalhive but the website is more refined and additional ways to increase your multiplier. Pays ZEN once a day.
Bothered Otters is something I just started but it pays out way more than any other faucet. $0.02-.03 cents per claim with only the Discord multiplier and its available once an hour. Only a captcha required per claim and no pesky Ads
Might as well do them all since its quick and easy and can be done in less than 30sec/day.
submitted by Wobble-D-Wobbles to cryptorefer [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 14:31 YoloRoloo Preliminary analysis of PFF grades for last 4 class of rookie QBs

Hi dynastyFF,
I was inspired by watching Justin Fields playing so awful to dig into the last couple years of rookies to see just how awful he is playing and whether rookie PFF scores might be somewhat predictive of future success. I've bolded QBs that are considered elite fantasy assets today:

Rank QB Rookie PFF Score Draft Class
1 Baker Mayfield 83.1 2018
2 Mac Jones 82.5 2021
3 Justin Herbert 79.9 2020
4 Joe Burrow 75.1 2020
5 Gardner Minshew 70.9 2019
6 Dwayne Haskins 67.9 2019
7 Daniel Jones 65.9 2019
8 Tua Tagovailoa 65.4 2020
9 Josh Allen 65.3 2018
10 Kyler Murray 65.2 2019
11 Sam Darnold 64.7 2018
12 Zach Wilson 59.5 2021
13 Trey Lance 59 2021
14 Lamar Jackson 58.6 2018
15 Drew Lock 58.1 2019
16 Trevor Lawrence 56.8 2021
17 Jalen Hurts 56.2 2020
18 Davis Mills 55 2021
19 Justin Fields 49.3 2021
20 Josh Rosen 49.1 2018

What are my preliminary conclusions at each tier?

  1. Mid 70s+: I don't think having the best start necessarily means you will be great later on. Baker had a red hot start but he's really just meh for fantasy and arguably real life. That being said, it seems like if you're up here, you're destined to have some floor at the least. Joe Burrow and Herbert have been fantastic. Great sign for Mac who either will have a floor of Baker or an incredible ceiling of Herbert and Burrow.
  2. 60-70: Having a not great start, doesn't seem to doom you either. Most rookies will be around here it seems like and a good placement doesn't mean you will be good nor will a bad placement doom you. Lamar developed really well whereas Minshew and Haskins led the pack in this range and are not starters anymore. Some good QBs are developing from this tier (Allen, Murray, Lamar) with solid fantasy options (Jones, Tua). Unfortunately none of the non-Mac Jones 2021 rookies are here.
  3. 50-59: The meh tier seems to be where most of the 2021 class is at the moment. Not a great sign when your cohorts are really just Drew Lock and Jalen Hurts. This is a pretty ugly class of rookie QBs - unfortunately I don't have access to PFF data by week so I'm not sure if the QBs in the 60-70 got there by the end. Either way, they are not playing well at the moment.
  4. Sub 50: Okay yeah Justin Fields only cohort is Josh Rosen. This is pretty fucking bad. Could he develop past his weaknesses? Yeah maybe - but its very concerning when a prospect slides down in the NFL draft due to his final season exposing weaknesses and then you see said weaknesses holding him back significantly. He's a rookie - he definitely has a chance to improve, but not loving the cohort here.
If I have more time this week, I'll do a more in-depth analysis and try to see what their grades are several years later and also go further into the past drafts.
TLDR: Fields is playing like Josh Rosen. Yikes.
submitted by YoloRoloo to DynastyFF [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 14:31 ShortAlgo Waiting for Short signal on $LIN https://t.co/kLf37aLDfM

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2021.10.25 14:31 MaCk_Pinto Microsoft to remove .net due to open source

Microsoft to remove .net due to open source submitted by MaCk_Pinto to windows [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 14:31 AutomaticMistake54 question

Would you rather have a jumbotron-space themed PVP or a horror PVP?
im working on 2 pvps and dont have enough time for both so idk what to cancel
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2021.10.25 14:31 Dark_plight Why Mützenich attacks the Minister of Defense

Why Mützenich attacks the Minister of Defense submitted by Dark_plight to europe [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 14:31 soflosoc92 SafeMoon app question. New to SafeMoon, quite excited for the upside here. Any reason or issues to worry about that the SafeMoon app is behind on the price? And will that effect eventually cashing out long term from now, just wondering. Any tips or tricks with the app would help.

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2021.10.25 14:31 ShortAlgo Waiting for Short signal on $LINC https://t.co/GNACmdVNCS

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2021.10.25 14:31 Redditor_Andrew Could I cause a power outage?

So yesterday I recently had gotten another gpu but my psu only had enough slots for 3 cables, I used a cable with 2x 6+2 to plug in 1x8pin and 1x6pin, the total watts on hiveos was around 120. I let that run for a while and it seemed good and stable. Coincidently my entire cul-de-sac's power went out. I was pulling no more then 700w from the wall. Did I cause this?
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