trh57 ie8h9 d56yn b5eft dt43f ik5ek r252s 292zh 23bsi ryby5 z2kkn t23i5 b4s6r 8snzd 2h633 deie3 b4nnd 484sh tt99n n775s 9r35e 🦁 X_LIONS_COIN 🦁 Stealth Launch 🦁 Listed On PancakeSwap 🦁Liquidity locked 🦁 |

🦁 X_LIONS_COIN 🦁 Stealth Launch 🦁 Listed On PancakeSwap 🦁Liquidity locked 🦁

2021.10.25 14:02 AffectionateStudy925 🦁 X_LIONS_COIN 🦁 Stealth Launch 🦁 Listed On PancakeSwap 🦁Liquidity locked 🦁

🦁 🦁 🦁 🦁 🦁 🦁 🦁 🦁 🦁 🦁🦁 🦁 🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁

♥ Wellcom to X_LIONS_COIN (XLions/BNB) ♥

/-bome /-bome 10 minutes ago FAİRLAUNCH

🌎 Telegram

💥 Pancake Swap :

💥 Deeplock: Lock LP 90 Days

✅ Why X_LIONS_COIN ? ✅

🔰 from other defi tokens as it’s determined team is putting 100% in this community driven project that rewards the users for particularly holding for long run . We are not aiming to provide short term profits for holders, but a reliable asset for long term investors .

🔰 100% safu, long term legit project .

Potential Admin Team from all over the world

This token can definitely be next moonshot we have been waiting for.

Fast growing telegram 🔰

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Huge marketing coming once target holders is reached.

Tiktok influencers coming 🔰

Coinsniper ads soon🔰

Coinhunt ads soon

Liquidity pool has been forever burned 🔰 which means developers can’t rug anyone .

🔰100% verified contract 🔰
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2021.10.25 14:02 Elrondarius Is it safe to have SHIB on Binance? 🏦

I'm not a beginner and of course I know that the best place for crypto is a hardware wallet ( using TREZOR ). I invested in SHIB a few months ago ... when I bought 15M SHIB for 100 €, yesterday I bought 3M SHIB for 100 €. Since I don't want to pay transfer fees for such a small amount, I think I'll keep the SHIB stored in Binance for a “while”. Do you have any knowledge then? Is it good or bad idea? I ask mainly because I have no plans to sell for a long time ... I have invested what I could afford and I still buy more regularly. To The Moon 🚀🚀🚀
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2021.10.25 14:02 Puzzleheaded-Net-178 Help me help my suicidal friend

Hi so as the header says, I have a friend that's really dug himself a mental hole he sees no way out of. And when I think of things to say that could help bring him if the hypothetical ledge I find myself thunk how awfully selfish it is to say the things we commonly say to people thinking of becoming unalive.
Ex: Don't do it, I'll miss you (my pain of missing him is more important than his pain of living??)
Don't do it, think of all your friends and family (same concept, why is their sadness of him being gone more important than the struggle he deals with daily of being alive?)
This will pass (will it??? You've been depressed since you can remember and the suicide thought are getting worse and worse. Youre killing yourself slowly by doing hard drugs. And you refuse to take antidepressants or anything that may help)
So I'm just feeling defeated. What can I say to help?
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2021.10.25 14:02 Umbra1752 In need of Xp 3108 6673 5284

3108 6673 5284
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2021.10.25 14:02 sharewithme Word of The Hour: inveja

inveja translates to envy
Join our new subreddit for language learners @ /LearnANewLanguage
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2021.10.25 14:02 Royalehigh_alt Me: 2m Them: Hal 21 (QUICKKK)

View Poll
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2021.10.25 14:02 ImSkepticalOfAlarm Why the Great Power Governments Are Cracking Down on Big Tech

Why the Great Power Governments Are Cracking Down on Big Tech submitted by ImSkepticalOfAlarm to KamalaHatesAmerica [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 14:02 ljubomir_koteski Evil Harry Potter Be Like

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2021.10.25 14:02 Archimedes---- 🚀SatoshiStreetBets | ✅Massive Marketing | Listed on CG & CMC 💎| 🔥 40MC on launch day! | 💠Launched 4 days ago |

This gem is one of the biggest, if not the biggest crypto community. A CEX announcement is imminent.💎

- Staking and yield farming✅
- Exchanges✅
- Influencers ✅
- Leviathan upgrade - 53K added (min buy tax is 4% and 3% to leviathan)✅
- $750k [5%] burned yesterday🔥
- 5% burn this week🔥
- Ssb nfts✅

Insta-listed on CG & CMC ✅
Anti-bot, anti-snipe measures ✅

Mission and Vision:
We are determined to create a successful crypto project and support it with the massive Satoshi Street Bets community. We will establish the standard of how a cryptocurrency and community should operate.

The Token
$SSB token (#BSC) An Accelerated Hyper-Deflationary Token powered by advanced tokenomics and the SSB Business Mode
💠The Leviathan buyback combined with the SSB business model will ensure a constant accelerated hyper-deflationary burn.
💠The SSB Token will generate large amounts of buying pressure and accelerated hyper deflationary burns with our unique tokenomics and multiple use cases.
💠Our first of its kind “Buy The Dip” Tokenomics is a new concept that will revolutionize buying power during a price dip.
💠Exclusive access to “The Streets” NFT Marketplace and SSB Radio contests/giveaways.
💠Stake SSB to earn a wide variety of other tokens.

First of a kind ''Buy the dip'' Tokenomics✅
Rough seas tax protection✅

The Team:
The SSB CORE Team is comprised of business professionals and cryptocurrency veterans and each member brings a wide range of special talents and abilities to the project.
Loyal & growing community ✅
Regular, transparent communication ✅
Rewarding Tokenomics:
12% Transaction fee to incentivize hodling via:
🚀 6% Leviathan Buyback
🤑 3% Lottery/Promotion
🔄 3% Redistribution
💼 1% Marketing and Dev

🔥NOW is the time to pack a bag of $SSB!
(BSC) Contract address: 0x55b53855eae06c4744841dbfa06fce335db4355b
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2021.10.25 14:02 Neb-Scrier New Surface Go 2 - wireless adapter stopped working

Hey All - I’ve got a new Surface Go 2. Everything worked great first day I opened it. I immediately upgraded it from Win 10 Home to Pro and now the Intel 6 AX200 wireless adapter won’t work. I’ve ripped out the device and drivers from OS and have tried installing with downloaded drivers from Intel’s site. I’ve tried searching for drivers using Windows Update. I’ve used the troubleshooting app and the Surface Diagnostic Toolkit. I’ve even reset the Surface all to no avail. Has anyone else run into this or have any additional things to try? I’d return it, but I’ve already purchased the $99 Win 10 Pro upgrade. So I’m kind stuck here. Any help is much appreciated.
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2021.10.25 14:02 Prince_Zinar Doubts about writing with references.

So, I have an issue and is that I sometimes use art on pinterest as a base to create mh characters. Most of the time, I don't know who this characters are so what I do is take their appearance to create a personality and a backstory just by the way they look, then I put them in a story that suits them.
The thing is that lately I've found myself thinking about that because:

  1. Once I make a character using some art, I sometimes can't picture a character in any other way but that, the art is stuck in my head as their actual appearance and that leads me to
  2. I feel like it's morally wrong to do it. I'm basically using someone else's art to create something else and, even though I don't even post it anywhere, I create stories thinking about that character with a face that I didn't make.
Someone else goes through something like this or similar? If not, what are your thoughts on it?
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2021.10.25 14:02 Vaderson69 What is a job/profession that shouldn't exist?

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2021.10.25 14:02 Ayumi_S Get on now! Next 2500 nodes opening on #Federal the most rewarding #GlobalMIner network! #SignUp now and earn Federal tokens worth $1 to $20. Download the app. Android: iOS (Web App)

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2021.10.25 14:02 termination5646 Finally!

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2021.10.25 14:02 sharewithme Word of The Hour: күндейді

күндейді translates to envy
Join our new subreddit for language learners @ /LearnANewLanguage
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2021.10.25 14:02 akarin08 My attempt at drawing the best Rose Maiden 🌹

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2021.10.25 14:02 rclopresti Picks and Shovels galaxyfinalpresentation1635172371710

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2021.10.25 14:02 Blazenmachine Lil bro big bro 💪 ..

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2021.10.25 14:02 smartybrome Free Body Building Tutorial - Bölgesel Vücut Geliştirme Egzersizleri

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2021.10.25 14:02 Ricer_Hunter Is this a good deal?

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2021.10.25 14:02 Emmma_louise Cum play with me 😈

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2021.10.25 14:02 Turbostrider27 Steam: Top Releases of September 2021

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2021.10.25 14:01 Thotus_Maximus What's the best random act of kindness a stranger has ever done for you?

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2021.10.25 14:01 LividDark3021 What’s a good base damage for the level 72 mayhem 10 monarch and light show

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2021.10.25 14:01 smartybrome Kubeflow Fundamentals - How To Build ML/AI Pipelines

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