little big planet

2021.10.25 13:27 WmBridges333 little big planet

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2021.10.25 13:27 Grouchy_Carpenter_36 Help a college student!

Help a college student! Hi! I am working on my undergraduate thesis based on the Staying Healthy Together webtoon (, seeking to understand some aspects of its participation in the pandemic.
The form is very fast and straightforward, your participation would be very important!
Please feel free to answer the following questions with the help of translation tools if you find it necessary.
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2021.10.25 13:27 pixel_babess Like and Upvote bid what you feel is accurate ‼️(link in comments)

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2021.10.25 13:27 MadZwe Why are people so opposed to ....

Why are people so opposed to Kidd giving Big Mom a hard time? Yes, I won't talk about him defeating her because they really think he literally wouldn't even be able to have a good fight. Why are they fine with Luffy soloing (possibly the final phase) of Kaido when Kidd is not even fighting alone. For the second time, I'm not talking about the two defeating her since she has gotten barely hurt compared to Kaido.

Yes, Kidd is definitely weaker but he is with Law who is a heavenly support. Also, Law is the only person to be personally mentioned and/or annoyed by Kaido because of his attacks, outside of Luffy, Zoro and Yamato. Law's attacks aren't as powerful as the trio for sure but they are still strong.
Who are they to say Kidd wouldn't have a power up? They usually replied like “we barely knows anything about him to be made more important”. Nobody is denying that but they are saying as if Oda wouldn't give more of him. He wouldn't make an ass pull like that. If he is to get stronger, we would know more of him. Also, this isn't Naruto where side characters are far behind MC not just near the end but even at the middle
Finally, that smile of Kidd tells a lot. Yes, Luffy also got thrown off the Rooftop, after similar one but it is mostly likely that he got some solid hits before getting defeated. So, why is it difficult to think that the duo wouldn't at least do that much to Big Mom
To conclude, I'm actually neutral to the duo defeating Big Mom. But I'm on the side of Law and Kidd getting a good fight with her whether they get defeated or not.
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2021.10.25 13:27 _Friendly_Demon_ SlayCraft - An LGBT bedrock realm where everyone is welcome. Open shops and more.

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2021.10.25 13:27 Abject_Beginning3455 Am I? Nobody in the gym last night and also idc. 27M

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2021.10.25 13:27 dogHD (Selling) Disney Codes and Others

The following items are for sale. I accept PayPal (F&F) and Amazon Gift Cards as payment. Assume no DMI/Sony Rewards points on codes.
Immediate redemption required.
Disney 4K iTunes Splits:

Google Play Splits:
Others 4K Movies:
HD Movies
SD Movies
TV Shows
Sony Buff Pass: Current (Pick One): $6
Sony Buff Pass: December 2020 (Pick One): $6
Google Play (Canada) [Will Port to Movies Anywhere] ($3 each)
Google Play (Canada) [Will NOT port to Movies Anywhere] ($2 each)
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2021.10.25 13:27 pineappledew Just picked up a new cactus from Home Depot… could anyone help with an ID? Also any ideas to get the remaining hot glue and fake flower off?

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2021.10.25 13:27 distracted_disaster Found a patch of big bois at my university (15-20 cm diameter)

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2021.10.25 13:27 Poebus commercial redraw 04

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2021.10.25 13:27 vatzlava days since dream was dragged through mud

Current record: 76.
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2021.10.25 13:27 Ragnaroasted 🔥 One of the tornadoes that hit my town of work last night

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2021.10.25 13:27 CJwolfgamer new

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2021.10.25 13:27 Possibility_Checker The tribe never losses. (Dharma)

This my way of trying to understand Dharma.
When you try to do things only for yourself, the uncertainty and likelihood of failure that comes with doing that thing is going to make you avoidant and unmotivated because your brain is trying to protect you from being/feeling like a failure.
But if you do things for the tribe instead of yourself, you’re more likely to face it because whether you fail or succeed at doing the task you know that the knowledge gained can help lift up the tribe either way. You can take action despite the uncertainty and likelihood of failure because you know that you have a unique position to try and do things and share it with the tribe.
They need you to do things and share the knowledge with the tribe so that the whole tribe can move forward. This way if every member in the tribe try things and share things the tribe never losses.
A single member can lose but the tribe never losses. So don’t do it for yourself, do it for the tribe.
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2021.10.25 13:27 FactAggravating4526 French Language Course for Nurses - Help

I'm preparing to take the OQLF exam for nursing in Montreal and I was just wondering if anyone had any tips. I'm a very beginner in French and wasn't sure if I should be taking general French classes to learn the language or if I should look for French courses focusing on nursing and the OQLF exam.
If anyone has any tips, any recommendations on courses, or can just share their experience with the exam it would be greatly appreciated!
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2021.10.25 13:27 PabloCurry15 MALZAHAR

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2021.10.25 13:27 Brickbrock24 Video: Moon Landing CHIMPS with Wall of Fire Army

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2021.10.25 13:27 Peaksout [HIRING] Someone to draw a nude scene with my character and their SO

Hi! I was really happy with the response I got for my last commissions. I was given a bonus recently so I want to do another one.
Two characters!
$100-300 is my budget
Please leave your portfolio
It’s going to be a sensual and fun piece
I hope you all are as excited as I am to start this project! I will look at everyone’s profile and make a choice within a couple days so if you’re late don’t be discouraged!!!
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2021.10.25 13:27 Jusuff_ Why do the Street Blazers arch covers always reset to normal?

Every time i change my session the arch covers on my Street Blazer reset back to normal. How can i fix this?
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2021.10.25 13:27 Opposite-Vegetable88 🐶 DOGEMOON🌛 Just Launched | CoinMarketCap and Coingecko JUST Swapped 🚀| Successfully done audit by Solidity Finance 🤑 x1000 Gem

BIG IMPORTANT NEWS - Coinmarketcap stealth swap finally completed! Huge marketing campaings incoming 🤑
🔥Dogemoon is a passive yield mechanic charity token with Charities partnetship around the world!
Heavy promos are coming After stealth swap on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko, which is done a few HOURS ago, so there is a chance to get in really early!!! 😏
DogeMoon is programmed to reward holders while at the same time increasing liquidity. 🤞
🚨Monthly donations to charities will be decided by community. These charities will help tackle real life issues around the world! 🚨
Transparent and trustworthy team who show honesty while also showing proof of everything going on behind the scenes to ensure complete trust from community 😎
🤫Solidity Finance Audit to ensure contract is safe for our investors🤫
💎Social media influence! 12,000 followers on Twitter and 7000 members in telegram 💎
😝Multisig contract which means marketing funds cannot be removed without the whole team signing each transaction😝
💼Polite and professional team with active mods💼
👏🏻Coming together is the beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success 👏🏻
Tax on trasnsaction - 10%
• 2% tax for Marketing & charity donations automatically turned into BNB to ensure no mass sell off
• 7% Redistributed to All Holders
• 1% added to Liquidity
💰 Shill Campaign
💰 Coinhunt, Coinsniper & Other
💰 Poocoin Adds
💰 Reddit CMS & other crypto trending posts
💰 Google Ads
💰 CoinMarketCap - Stealth swap (ALREADY DONE RIGHT NOW 🤑)
💰 Coingecko - Stealth swap (already done! 😏)
💰 Crypto influencers marketing push
💰 Coinsniper ads coming
💰 Coinhunt advertisment
💰 Running ads on different platforms
💰 Utility
Nearest future:
💰 Dogemoon Merchandise
💰 IOS/Android Application
💰 Exchange Listings
Contract: 0x4269b5765792db6a75add77702abd8ea11f246e6
Buy Now:
Renounced Ownership:
Liquidty locked:
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2021.10.25 13:27 lumber_jack307 Is there like a young adult/college Christian reddit?

Going to Christian college, but I feel like it's a bubble. I want to find some Christian community my age that has been part of the real world(out of the bubble) any reddit pages for young adults with some variety in posts and diversity in people and outlooks?
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2021.10.25 13:27 ModeratorForLeaks Bless to all mama's

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2021.10.25 13:27 rando6296 Which US state has the best winter weather for being homeless?

The Long Version:
Okay, so I've gotten quite a few responses for partners since my last post but until I receive verification of people's identities I'm just gonna act like I'm on my own. I'm currently in the process of looking at cars but not having much luck, and if I can't find one in time I'm definitively heading out of Texas since I can't risk being stuck in the winter storm that's coming.
Right now I'd like to know if anyone can give insight into what winter is like where they live or where they'd think would be the best place to survive winter homeless?
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2021.10.25 13:27 Mantequilla_Stotch I need an opinion on battery charging options

My converter crapped out and I was curious on if either of these or both would work to charge my 5th wheel batteries.
Foval Automatic Trickle Battery Charger 12V 1000mA Smart Battery Charger
SOLPERK Solar Panel Kit 20W 12V, Solar Battery Trickle Charger Maintainer
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2021.10.25 13:27 Jenningsj16 With Tainted Cain can you craft items you have not unlocked yet?

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