ikts3 t2b2y zhrk4 39iht tdd3k 6d62k d822r nebs5 zbbbr 55rba 8zdbk s7riy 5rssb 86f9i aznb3 66sh8 sftyh 6beik 3b4ft 6enae 3a4bb Races..great scenery but a bit flat? |

Races..great scenery but a bit flat?

2021.12.02 05:57 WATTO68 Races..great scenery but a bit flat?

So Ive had a few races now and the scenery is stunning in the background...but all the races do seem very horizontal for a game that has sooo much verticality...am I missing something? Are there any races that have you rushing downhill, or involve that volcano? Or are most of them just, well, flat!?
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2021.12.02 05:57 Just_A_Tea_Pot [Need Advice] No Anxiety = No Work/Discipline

Hello everyone! I hope I dont make this post unnecessarily long so I'll try to keep it short.
I am a 4th and last year AeroSpace Engineering Student. I am also member a newly found student built sounding rocket team. Case is: I love what I study. However, all through highschool I was the "bright student" and encouraged to always strive for the best. I rarely needed to study and never learned that so needed academic discipline people learn in school. My perfectionism was so big in all areas of life that to deal with the pressure of looks I developed anorexia and self harming for some months.
When I got to University, I could no longer keep this pace and the pressure to keep the "bright student" image was very very big. I could not disappoint my parents nore anyone for that matter. The anxiety was so great, that I basically brute forced the knowledge into my head. Working and studying A LOT but inefficiently. No breaks.
Flashforward to last year. Comming back to Uni after summer, end of a toxic relationship and Covid Lockdown... Probably the stress was so great that one day I developed Panic Attacks. Could no longer distinguish thoughts from actions and barely left my home. Classes were online so I could distract myself from thinking I was gonna die just focusing on University. Thankfully, I went to therapy with a wonderful psychiatrist I see every week after telling my poor clueless parents everything I felt after never telling them anything. After months of Panic Attacks... I accepted taking Antidepressants and it was THE BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE When anxiety went back to normal... I felt great. I have never been happier.
HOWEVER, and now comes the reason for my post, without the incredible amount of anxiety and pressure I felt before... I realised I had NO ACADEMIC SELF DISCIPLINE. Now that I, as a person, thanks to therapy, discovered that I dont have to live to the expectations of others 24/7, I cant seem to get the job done like I used to anymore.
I am burnt out... from University. But engineering is still my passion, so I want to get DISCIPLINED in order to finish and do what I love most. I need to learn how to actually work for my own goals and not work cause I am just expected to reach the Goals other think I should get.
Sorry for the Rant. I am writing this as I am skipping a class cause I woke up late and it hit me. I am fed up of not getting things done.
Any tips on how you would approach this situation? Thank you all and sorry for bad English.
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2021.12.02 05:57 Scared_Process7080 Was the science class 10 paper easier than the sample paper and were the questions from NCERT or outside

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2021.12.02 05:57 L0RD_OF_C00M if you know you know

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2021.12.02 05:57 environmentind Elephants continue to die: CAG slams forest department, railways in its audit

Elephants continue to die: CAG slams forest department, railways in its audit Elephants have continued to die on railway tracks across India due to the forest department as well as the Railways not following norms set up to prevent such deaths, the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) has said.
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2021.12.02 05:57 Croft2005 [XB1] H: mirelurk king tube plan W: offers, no caps pls

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2021.12.02 05:57 spamredditll 💎 Mini Raca 💎 Just Launched 🚀 Low Cap with chary only goes up 💎 Ready to Moon hard 💎 Do not miss this 1000X Gem!

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A losing investor saying `` We also missed this train '' Don't miss it now ❗️

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What's MRACA Protocol ?

MRACA protocol aims to create a system where users can benefit from discounts and special privileges thanks to the mobile application that will be created with tourism agencies, hotels, airline companies and casinos.

For use in hotel reservations, flight tickets and casino expenses all over the world. MRACA Protocol , which has already distinguished its place among the most powerful coins in Binance Smart Chain , carries out strategies to maximize the satisfaction of its investors and users with the smart contract it creates.

🟡 Token Information 🟡

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ℹ️ Links: Telegram Group : https://t.me/MiniRacaBsc

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2021.12.02 05:57 theduchessofnaboo Looking for 1 ticket to TV Girl @ The Gothic 12/2

Would like to find another ticket to TV Girl without paying an obscene amount for it. Axis keeps upping the price every time I go back into the page.
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2021.12.02 05:57 P_filippo3106 Freedom...

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2021.12.02 05:57 niuz-bot Rata de incidență COVID în București a coborât la 1,71 cazuri la mie / Restricțiile rămân în vigoare - [Articole]

Rata de incidență COVID în București a coborât la 1,71 cazuri la o mie de locuitori în ultimele 14 zile, conform datelor publicate joi de… Mai departe »
Citeste in continuare: https://www.g4media.ro/rata-de-incidenta-covid-in-bucuresti-a-coborat-la-171-cazuri-la-mie-restrictiile-raman-in-vigoare.html
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2021.12.02 05:57 lebaneseflagemoji Hungry boy.

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2021.12.02 05:57 Necessary_Author_308 🦑 SquidFomo Token 🦑 Fair Launch in 15 minutes! 💥 Low marketcap gem! 💥 Liquidity Locked for One Year ✔️ Community Driven 🏆 Insane Potential 📈 Professional raid team! 🚀 join Us!! 🚀

Our goal is to integrate the largest fan community in the cutting edge crypto space. Squid Fomo is not just another meme currency. This is a complete set of products designed by fans.
Only the best traders will survive! In honor to the hyped Squidgames series and the rising hype coin ForeverFOMO we created SquidFOMO to get the best of both worlds.
Our goal is to create a safespace for both communities to get in touch and talk and discuss about Fomo and Squid Game.
Ecosystem elements:
👑 All elements of our ecosystem are packed into one convenient platform, where users can access all the functionality of the service without leaving the browser!
👑 NFT is a key element in the SquidFOMO ecosystem. NFT is a unique picture in a special frame that the user can store in his wallet. NFT has characteristics, which are used in staking and evaluating the rarity of the NFT.
👑 The liquidity pool is a place where you can put your SquidFOMO Token (or other currency) in order to receive a daily percentage of the invested amount. NFTs can be placed in the pool to increase income. The less often NFTs are, the higher the income you receive!
🚀 Community Team
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🔐 Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR : https://deeplock.io/lock/0x7de2997d92c97e2c4061c0fc58813038a635e5dd
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2021.12.02 05:57 Galameh Reshiram 4864 1631 1301 and 2375 4530 0181

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2021.12.02 05:57 Anonymous-Green SuperBitcoin & BitcoinX (dead tokens on Binance)

I have a marginal amount of both, one is essentialy dust. I can't convert them to BNB or send them away yet they have been on my account for years which clutters things up. Is there a way to remove them?
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2021.12.02 05:57 rkomu [Academic] Participate in a survey about cycling training methods for aero riding position practise (Cyclists, or triathletes of any experience level)

Hi Everyone,
I am currently a 4th year industrial design student working on my capstone project. I am looking for volunteers to participate in an online survey to collect data about training methods and tools used by bike riders to practise their aero position. This study aims to provide insights into developing a product to help track training progress while a rider is practising their aero position outside.
If you have a spare moment to complete or forward this survey that would be greatly appreciated. The survey is completely anonymous and should take approximately 8 minutes to complete.
Participation is completely voluntary and there is no compensation provided as part of this study.
If you would like to participate in this survey, please follow this link to begin: https://forms.gle/XqNPQUJpCkWazNVNA. If you have any questions about the research, please contact me at [roxannekomuntare@cmail.carleton.ca](mailto:roxannekomuntare@cmail.carleton.ca).
Thank you for your time.
This research has been cleared by Carleton University Research Ethics Board-B (CUREB-B Clearance #116436)
Should you have any ethical concerns with the study, please contact the REB Chair, Carleton University Research Ethics Board-B by email: ethics@carleton.ca. During Covid, the Research Ethics Staff are working from home without access to their Carleton phone extensions. Accordingly, until staff return to campus, please contact them by email. or all other questions about the study, please contact the researcher.
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2021.12.02 05:57 xXPheonix10Xx :)

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2021.12.02 05:57 paradox__0 How can I make a game with python scripting in unreal.

I want to use python to make a small game in unreal engine. Is there any way I can use python scripting which runs in real-time so I can use it to make a game? If someone knows how to do this, please share with me or share some resources from where I can learn it.
Thanks in advance.
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2021.12.02 05:57 perfumedabsorbing Jaye Summers Gets Special Gift From Her Cuckold BF

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2021.12.02 05:57 lolifehi Any frat Bros here? I’m planning on rushing next semester and would like to ask some questions.

Please dm if you’re in a fraternity at usc!
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2021.12.02 05:57 Esperaux Liberty - revenge

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2021.12.02 05:57 Raidersgonnaraid Searching a Flat and questions about Copenhagen

Hello People of Copenhagen!
I will study at Copenhagen University with the beginning in Febuary 2022. I am from Lüneburg in Germany and sadly i have no connections to denmark yet. I thought it could be helpful to use the swarm intelligence of reddit to get some answers. For example where to search for a flat, which districts are affordable and how is the life in Copenhagen and denmark?
I would be thankful for many hints and secret knowledge.
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2021.12.02 05:57 BananaTurtle12 Going on a “blind date” M[25]

Hey everyone I’m using some dating apps, and sometimes I find myself talking with a very interesting woman’s, and the conversation is great! Than we set a date and time for a meeting, but sometimes the physical attraction doesn’t appears to happen..
Now, I’m the type of guy who really thinks that sometimes you can build a great love after couple of dates and sometime of discovering each other.
I still think that I can feel that “butterfly’s” before the first meetings. But unfortunately, I feel this usually when I feel I’m attracted to the women in front me. But as of this coming date, I’m really excited to meet this girl as we really enjoy talking !
I would love to know your opinions.. it’s not that I’m desperate for any kind of relationship, or love, and I will definitely not going to put her or me inside a relationship just because we don’t want not to feel alone. (thanks the this SubReddit for saying that a lot here lol)
Thank you guys and keep safe !
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2021.12.02 05:57 KingkyAtlas CroMoon – the 1st working reflection token on the Cronos chain by crypto.com | 5.5M Market Cap | UP BY 1314.05% THIS WEEK ACCORDING TO CoinMarketCap! | Most active community on Cronos | TOP 20 TOKENS ON CRONOS CHAIN | 1287 HOLDERS

Is CroMoon the next Safemoon?

🌔Welcome to CroMoon
CroMoon is the first functioning frictionless yield farming and cold staking protocol on the Cronos blockchain (CRC) being traded on Crodex!
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📄 Contract: 0x7D30c36f845d1dEe79f852abF3A8A402fAdF3b53
📈 Chart: Link (https://charts.crodex.app/?token=0x7D30c36f845d1dEe79f852abF3A8A402fAdF3b53)
🖥 Website: cromoon.net
🕊 Twitter: Link (https://twitter.com/CroMoonOfficial)
📱Telegram: https://t.me/OfficialCroMoon
🔒LP Lock: Link (https://hibiki.finance/view-lock?ca=b2bA36ee6ba6113a914f3E8812A0dF094DEC5994&chainId=25)
Twitter (https://twitter.com/CroMoonOfficial)
CroMoonOfficial (@CroMoonOfficial) | Twitter
The latest Tweets from CroMoonOfficial (@CroMoonOfficial). Intense moon mission with utility on Cronos Mainnet launch
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2021.12.02 05:57 Rothiragay How do you disable or in other ways block VGA drivers on a computer image.

I have tried to find the specific driver that VGA uses on my CF-30 MK3 computer, The problem was that the vga connected screen shared the same driver as the laptop screen and both stopped working upon disabling it.
There was no setting in the bios that disables VGA and i need the solution to be deployable either in the BIOS or within my MDT image (no capture).
When i googled this i only found post installation solutions and ones that didnt directly disable VGA but external screens in general.
I am only interested in disabling VGA connections in particular.
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2021.12.02 05:57 conversationseeking 23 [m4r] just looking to chat!

hello, wfh has me lacking in social interaction so i would like to get to know someone new that i can talk to! reddit dms/discord are fine.
about me:
-asian american, graduated from a UC, work in marketing
-on the introverted side, but not shy, i just like vibing on my own lol
-like reading (mostly fantasy, but also manga)
-like watching football and basketball
-love music, i listen to mostly rap/pop/rnb but i also listen to a bit of edm, i logged 75k minutes on spotify this year, my top artist was the weeknd
-like cats (pls send me pics of your cat)
-play a variety of video games that can run ok on my old ass laptop
-i am relatively tiktok fluent
-i love a good deep convo
about you:
-preferably has a cat
-can virtually pinky promise that you're not a serial killer
-that's it really im not picky
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