need to rant about something i hate, people who try to cheer me from suicidal thoughts by "encouraging" me to "lax up" on veganism

2021.12.02 07:57 ToyboxOfThoughts need to rant about something i hate, people who try to cheer me from suicidal thoughts by "encouraging" me to "lax up" on veganism

i hate when people try to cheer me up by saying "oh its okay dont worry about x, the vegans will still accept you, treat yourself" or "its okay no ones perfect" or even "no wonder youre depressed, chill out and eat a burger"- what the fuck do you stupid evil people not understand about the fact that its not about me trying to fit in with a crowd, it's that the idea of buying a good or using a service that involved a dead animal or animal suffering is HORRIFIC TO ME to the point i get suicidal just thinking about it. just thinking about how people DO that even. i dont want to do or buy anything anymore. not because someone or some intangible thing is stopping me, but because I AM NOT GOING TO ENJOY SOMETHING IF IT INVOLVES DEAD ANIMAL PARTS. IT WILL TRAUMATIZE ME.
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2021.12.02 07:57 Top-Adhesiveness-659 LAST CHANCE TO BE AN EARLY ADOPTER ESTIMATED 10X - 15X GAINS

Hi dollars are here! Pre-launched sales mid august at $0.95 each, they continue to climb with the latest price at $1.40 Members of hi can earn 1 free dollar daily = 365 Hi dollars per year. Use code 'murfony' to sign up and start earning your free hi dollar every day. Sign up today and don't miss out before this goes parabolic
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2021.12.02 07:57 BonelessPickle [Homemade] Sourdough Bread.

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2021.12.02 07:57 Educational_Pin146 I didn't expect it to be so perfect and now my happiness knows no bounds

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2021.12.02 07:57 Doghead_sunbro UK Royal College of Nursing members vote on strike action

Earlier this year the government passed a motion awarding UK nurses a pay increase of 3%. They had initially announced a 1% increase but were widely derided for it.
Since 2010 nurses in the UK have faced a real terms pay cut of 32% under the tories. In that time we’ve lost our bursary to study nursing, so also face university debt to go into a caring profession that has a fairly low wage ceiling in comparison to other graduate careers.
Essentially this has culminated in the RCN (Royal College of Nursing) asking members whether they want to accept the pay rise. It was widely rejected, and the next step was the union asking us whether we would be willing to strike.
23.2% of eligible members took part in the vote, and said the following: 89% said they are willing to take action short of strike. 54% said they are willing to withdraw their labour completely in strike action. 96% said that they would support colleagues to take industrial action. I’m not sure if this is enough to reflect a majority decision, but its a big step. I don’t think UK nurses have ever seriously considered strike action before.
More frontline nurses in the UK died from COVID than British soldiers died in Afghanistan and Iraq combined. And they have the gall to throw us a 1% pay increase which is in actual fact a pay cut, and we’re expected to suck it up and get on with it, like we always have. Not anymore. If all the nurses withheld labour tomorrow we could name our price.
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2021.12.02 07:57 __Meme_Boi Smol chaos boi is done! It took 3 days to make but i'm very happy with the result.

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2021.12.02 07:57 eadopfi Some love for Inorganic chemists: a meme about sputtering and thin films

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2021.12.02 07:57 4d696b65-6b Issue with the mathematics of capacitors.

I have an issue with the equations for capacitors. So far no Professor was able to provide an answer so maybe reddit can.
I use the following equations : Q(Charge) = C(capacitance)*U(voltage)
And E(Energy) = 1/2C(U2)
I take a look at one charged capacitor with capacitance C1 and Voltage U1. I can calculate a charge for that. No Power source is connected. Now i add a ideal capacitor C2 in parallel to the First one. The voltages level Out and charge is flowing from C1 to C2.
Since the amount of charge is constant both now hold half the previous charge of C1 and therefore have a voltage of 0.5 U1.
If i now take a look at the energies you can find that the energy from state 1 to state 2 has halved which clearly violates conservation of energy.
Which assumption which was used for the derivation of the equations is wrong? Can Somebody explain this ?
(Ideal circuits without Resistance)
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2021.12.02 07:57 ChilledSimon It's the most wonderful time of the year!

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2021.12.02 07:57 flowerssmellnice 12 dpo FRER.. Anyone else see something??

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2021.12.02 07:57 mcraft595 with the recent emergence of Charlie aka "cr1tikal" or "penguinz0" multiverse, playing this game was a blessing

with the recent emergence of Charlie aka
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2021.12.02 07:57 Old_Bed8247 🐶SweetShiba | STEALTH launch very SOON | GREAT team | marketing planned✅ | Elon tweet!!

Great team behind MoonVikings
MoonVikings- and they are going to the moon. With a Sofisticated Dev Team onboard, MoonVikings project is a amazing project with a big potential.
6% Tax 3% lp 3% to marketing
2.5% MAX wallet
✅Safe ✅LP locked ✅Great team ✅stealth launch ✅Website ready before launch
To be listed on: •CoinMarketCap •CoinGecko •Coinhunt
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🐶Renounced Ownership:
Join us to the moon! The team is very motivated to make this a succes and THE new big meme coin.
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2021.12.02 07:57 alizrandom What happens after the visa approval email for grad work visa? How long did it take for the BRP to be dispatched?

Hi everyone. Wanted to know what happens after the approval email for the graduate work visa? Do we receive a tracking number a few days later? Or is it a dispatch notification followed by the tracking number?
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2021.12.02 07:57 AardvarkAndy Thank you Battle 100.

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2021.12.02 07:57 Major_Adolf_Kottan Vorwärts immer, Rückwärts nimmer!

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2021.12.02 07:57 coljavskiyi ✊$RoninGamez – Just got listed in CMC! ⭐ | ⚡ Launching Now on BSC | All NFTs will be out made by lead dev ❤Alex Lopez – in charge of Magic the Gathering, NBA 2k, NFL 2k☀︎ | Revolutionary gaming and NFT eco-system | ☄︎ Liquidity Lock | ☑︎Next x100

Join the bullrun! $RoninGamez is currently on upstreak as they got listed on CMC
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✖ What is Ronin Games?
Ronin Games is a multi-player gaming and NFT ecosystem created to revolutionize the field of Parimutuel betting.
Ronin Gamez is building a platform to bring together the best aspects of Crypto, Gaming, NFTs & Betting. The RONIN token will serve as the native utility token on the platform, being used for, but not limited to, interacting with the games by purchasing upgrades & NFTs, betting, voting/governance, staking and more.
♾ Who is their main dev? He is a world know figure in the gaming world!
His main lead gaming developer is – Alex Lopez. He was responsible for major computer video games like “Magic the gathering”, “NBA 2k”, “NFL 2k”.

❤️Tokenomics - Roninomics:
☝️Total Supply: 100,000,000
☝️Tax -6%: 2% Auto liquidity, 4% Marketing
☝️Secure – Time base tokenism solve anti-pump and dump, paper hands, sniper bots
☝️Robust – Airdrop rewards for diamond holders
♻⛩️Total Distribution:
♨️ Private Sale – 20%
♨️ Pre-Sale – 40%
♨️ Liquidity – 14%
♨️ Airdrops – 10%
♨️ Staking – 6%
♨️ Team – 10%
✈️Contract Address: 0xC6ac148250736a67E84864Eae2B45A8a81D9e163
❄️ Join the community and feel the great vibe!
Ronin Games’ team have given you a wide variety of social platforms that you can engage with and communicate with other people in the project. Right there you can contact the team and ask them anything you feel like it! I have done it myself and they are flawless in their response.
♟️ Website:
✉️ Telegram:
☎️ Twitter:
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2021.12.02 07:57 Famous-Aspect-8254 Foldable phones

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2021.12.02 07:57 GranolaGoddess1 How screwed am I - forgot to disclose speeding ticket

Hi - very very new to law school admissions process. I applied to 1 school early decision in September and went UR2 a few days ago.
It never crossed my mind to disclose the 2 speeding tickets I received and now I am freaking out because I feel like if I send an addendum late in the game, I’ll get rejected for not realizing I has to disclose them sooner.
Does anyone have any advice or how to approach this? I worked extremely hard on my application and would hate for my poor driving skills to be the reason for my rejection.
Thank you.
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2021.12.02 07:57 Macachonireese Dont Go - House music

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2021.12.02 07:57 Ummmyeahhhhhh ED for Columbia

I already know that Columbia early decision acceptance rate is around 15% but do you guys think that being a QuestBridge finalist raises these chances? If so by how much?
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2021.12.02 07:57 electrobuzz VA - Subilation, Vol. 3 / SUBIOS074

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2021.12.02 07:57 Stan-V_27 Tiday I went to my first therapy session

Today at 8:30 am I went to my first therapy session. I was nervous at first but then we started talking. We talked about an hour and a half, it was honestly good to talk to somebody. After we finished she recommended me some books to read and that we will meet again after 1 or 2 weeks.
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2021.12.02 07:57 Mlggoghog Just some Niko Art :)

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2021.12.02 07:57 michaelpalinisdusty Is my calathea rosy healthy? Some leaves are crispy and dead but it's still growing a lot of new leaves and fast, hard to tell if I'm doing well or not

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