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Got tired of grinding. This is the result.

2022.01.19 14:51 Scary_Ad6257 Got tired of grinding. This is the result.

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2022.01.19 14:51 CarbonClutch Join CryptoG4N9 today! Join discord to win prizes worth up to $200 👀🦾Picking winner for one free G4N9 in 12 hours, just UPVOTE, and join Discord ⚔️🚀 Link in comments🔗

Join CryptoG4N9 today! Join discord to win prizes worth up to $200 👀🦾Picking winner for one free G4N9 in 12 hours, just UPVOTE, and join Discord ⚔️🚀 Link in comments🔗 submitted by CarbonClutch to NFTMarketplace [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 14:51 plantslovehappiness Beneficial Nematodes

Has anyone used Beneficial Nematodes for pest control? What was your experience like, did it work and would you recommend this?
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2022.01.19 14:51 LazloDaLlama What came out of being able to stat spy Nex?

Curious as to what the meta is looking like.
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2022.01.19 14:51 NotRealOpinions Taylor Hickson

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2022.01.19 14:51 Choosing-connection So done being pregnant

Anyone else? I was scheduled for a gentle induction at 39w (due to severe HG my whole pregnancy) it was pushed to 39+2, then 39+4. So Monday I go and they are screaming busy. They say I won’t be pushed again because I’ve already been pushed twice. We are there about 5h but I get the cervidil. Come back in 24h.
39+5 I come back, wait 3h to see the OB, I’ve progressed but not much, get the prostaglandin gel and get monitored another hour. Come back in 4h. Did that, got more cervidil. 10h at the hospital yesterday… the whole point of the gentle induction was so I could labour at home. But they are so busy it takes 5h each time I go in.
I’m all for the idea of gentle induction. Ripen the cervix and have less chance of needed the emergancy c section.. labour at home as long as possible, and they did warn me it could take 2-5 days before I have the baby. I’m on day 3 now and I’m getting burnt out. I don’t go back until 9pm tonight.
When I was scheduled for 39 I thought, okay, at least I’ll have this baby by my due date. Now my due date is tomorrow and I’m still only in very early labour. I think I’m ready for the oxytocin at this point..
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2022.01.19 14:51 Local-Traveller Looking for (2021) Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, 14th Edition, Susan L. Verhulst, David A. DeCenzo

Hello, this is my first time posting on this subreddit, but I am looking for (2021)
Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, 14th Edition, by Susan L. Verhulst, David A. DeCenzo John Wiley & Sons. If anyone has a pdf, that would be greatly appreciated! The professor did not give me any sort of ISBN for it, so I apologize for that.
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2022.01.19 14:51 Hayword_Spinney Any purchase experience from the website "USAClean.com"

I am looking to buy some Lindhaus Healthcare HEPA uprights, and I seem to have found a couple models on this site here that appear to be exactly what I need, at a reasonable price

However I have never used or heard of this retailer before, and I am hesitant to purchase for a number of reasons.
First, even though the pictures clearly show that they are lindhaus vacuums, it does not actually say that in the page headline, and when I searched those SKU numbers on Google it does not pull anything else up. Second, despite the pictures showing a full layout of tools and everything you would expect to come with it, the description areas are completely blank. Does anyone know anything about this site? Should I avoid?
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2022.01.19 14:51 salaamtom Kaboom?!

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2022.01.19 14:51 NeckBeard14 Alternate Guardians of the Multiverse teams

The basic idea is that the Watcher knows about an infinite number of realities, so What-If he picked a different set people to defeat Infinite Ultron? I put a couple together pulling from different canons. MCU, Legacy, and even Video Games. Possible spoilers ahead for everything (except NWH and Hawkeye)
For the most part the teams will have 7 members (8 really) and a couple members that need to be included:

  1. MVP to make sure Ultron doesn’t insta-murder them like Strange Supreme’s role
  2. A Super Soldier Tier character like Captain Carter
  3. Extra powemuscle like Party Thor
4-7. Whoever I want
A secret weapon like the Zombie Horde (which would work to varying degrees)
Alternate Team 1:
  1. Sorceress Supreme Wanda (kinda self-explanatory)
  2. New Goblin (from the Raimiverse to act as the SS)
  3. Destroyer Drax- from a universe where Drax is dead set on getting revenge on Thanos so he goes to Nidavellir and becomes a champion meant to kill Thanos, via some Dwarven Cybernetic enhancements. (Gets a more comic-accurate look too) While he’s at Nidavellir he also gets a weapon he calls the Destroyer, then he successfully kills Thanos in a world-shattering battle. (He’ll be the extra powemuscle)
  4. Quicksilver (From the FOX-verse because why not)
  5. Spirit of Vengeance Mack- In this universe when the Rider takes over Mack and goes rogue he doesn’t return to Robbie. Instead of a Hellfire Whip he uses a Hellfire Shotgun-Axe
  6. Avenger Quake- From a universe where Quake joins the Avengers
  7. Spider-Gwen- From a TASM universe where she gets spider-powers instead.
Secret Weapon: World Breaker Hulk- just an MCU version of World Breaker Hulk
Alternate Team 2
  1. Immortal Iron Fist- From an MCU where he is able to use the full power of Shao Lao and becomes Dragon Jesus pretty much. (I picture him as basically a DBZ character with his powers)
  2. Blade (From the Blade Trilogy)
  3. Vers the Accuser- From a universe where Carol never recovers her memories, still unlocks her full powers, and becomes an Accuser.
  4. Blindspot Peter Parker- A universe where Peter still gets spider-powers but instead of making webs, becoming Spider-Man, and following Stark he’s trained by Daredevil and becomes the Robin to DD’s Batman.
  5. Widow MJ- Michelle Jones ends up in the Red Room, gets freed, adopted by Fury, becomes an AoS/Widow
  6. Superior Iron Man- MCU Version of Superior Iron Man
  7. 70’s Lou Ferrigno Hulk (because why not)
Secret Weapon: Phoenix from FOX-verse
Alternate Team 3
  1. Master of the Mystic Arts Nico- An MCU where Nico hones her magic and gains the full potential of the staff of one. (Kinda like the Runaways Time Skip episode)
  2. Wolverine (FOX-verse)
  3. Monica Rambeu Captain Marvel- Monica from WandaVision becomes Captain Marvel/Spectrum
  4. Venom (Sony’s Marvel Universe)
  5. Miles Morales (from either the Game or ITSV)
  6. Black Panther Shuri- a universe where Shuri becomes BP
  7. War Thor- Volatagg gets Mjolnir like the comics and becomes War Thor
Secret Weapon: Silver Surfer (from Fantastic 4: RoSS)
Alternate team 4
  1. Sorcerer Supreme Loki (kinda self-explanatory)
  2. Captain Barnes- An MCU where Steve gives Bucky his shield
  3. Groot Thor- When Groot puts Stormbreaker together he takes a little longer to sever his arm so he ends up becoming Thor and he goes for the head in this timeline
  4. Magneto (FOX-verse)
  5. Avenger Quicksilver- A universe where Pietro doesn’t die in Sokovia
  6. Spinneret- Raimiverse Mary Jane or Michelle Jones get spider-powers instead of Peter
  7. Mandarin Shang-Chi- Shang never leaves and inherits the 10 Rings
Secret Weapon: Allfather Thor- shares a universe with Sorcerer Supreme Loki and properly succeeds Odin
Alternate Team 5
  1. Cosmic Thanos- From an MCU where he chooses to master the secrets of the universe instead of searching for the Stones (abilities more akin to his comic counterpart)
  2. Deadpool (FOX-verse)
  3. Hyperion- Basically What-If Superman was in the MCU (with the obvious origin changes)
  4. Nova Corp Star-Lord- From an MCU where Peter is raised by the Nova Corp and becomes a renowned hero across the galaxy. (Kinda like Star-Lord T’Challa but with Peter)
  5. Agent Venom- From a TASM alternate universe where the military use the Venom Symbiote on Flash Thompson to try and create the ultimate soldier
  6. Natasha Thor- a universe where Hawkeye assists Tony during Iron Man 2 and Romanoff is present during Thor. During this she inadvertently comes into contact with Mjolnir and she’s deemed worthy.
  7. Celebrity Spider-Man- From a version of the Raimiverse where Peter catches the part where it’s his problem and stops the robber. He gets paid, doesn’t learn about great responsibility, basically becomes Iron Man. (It’s based on the Spider-Man TAS episode with the Armored Spider-Man)
Secret Weapon: Full Powered Apocalypse- From a universe where he successfully transfers to Xavier and becomes unstoppable
Alternate Team 6
  1. Sorcerer Supreme Tony Stark- A universe where he tries to repair his heart and seeks help at Kamar-Taj. He synthesizes magic and his technological innovations and becomes the new Sorcerer Supreme.
  2. War Machine Frank Castle- an MCU where he becomes War Machine during Iron Man 2
  3. Spider-Man (Toei)- If you know you know
  4. Rick Jones Captain Marvel- A universe where Rick Jones finds the Quantum Bands and becomes Shazam basically (more comic-accurate)
  5. Avenger Captain Marvel- Carol joins the Avengers during 2012 and remains with the team
  6. Hurricane- Makoto from the Marvel Future Avengers anime
  7. Fast Forward- A speedster with amnesia from a different universe. He only recalls the phonetic spelling of his name and tried piecing it together. Buried Alien he thinks?
Secret Weapon: Galactus from the 2000 Fantastic 4 universe
What ideas for alternate teams do you all have
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2022.01.19 14:51 YOW-Weather-Records With a forecast high of just -19°C, tomorrow could be Barrie's coldest day in more than 4 years, since Jan 6th, 2018.

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2022.01.19 14:51 Delta_ProGamer Honest Opinion

So being a international student, I really am in a predicament whether NJIT is the way to go or not, so just wanted honest opinions from the people already studying at the uni😌. Would yall actually recommend enrolling into the uni?, pros or cons of uni as well perhaps?
Thanks a lot :)
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2022.01.19 14:51 SoundPractical8618 what should i do

i have a 83x25 and i want to do neres should i save dore toty or open now and get ners?
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2022.01.19 14:51 bloopjoop i love him so much

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2022.01.19 14:51 fishyboi360 Well fuck

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2022.01.19 14:51 Domvisel Felipe Grandson - Las micros [pop folk] [2022]

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2022.01.19 14:51 Erfivur New Shackdaddy - Jones - Mountain Twin board

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2022.01.19 14:51 bearski01 Why am I not hungry until I eat something?

IF works well for me but what’s odd is that I can go for an entire day without being hungry but as soon as I eat I’m somewhat ravenous. Is it willpower? Blood sugar issue? Or something else?
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2022.01.19 14:51 cadaverco CIA CRINGE!!

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2022.01.19 14:51 No_Competition69420 Life insurance on my parents

Hi all,
Apologies if this is covered somewhere in here already, I skimmed a bit but didn't see an exact answer.
As the oldest son, I'm looking to obtain life insurance policies on both of my parents, they're still fairly young but they both don't have policies as far as I know, they're divorced so I don't know what the best way is to go about getting one for each of them... Dad is self employed with a mostly cash business, and mom is unemployed and living off of an inheritance.. So when they die, I don't expect they'll have any policies covering their funerals or expenses, and nobody else in the family will either..
Who should I look to for fair priced policies? My dad is 58 and a smoker, mom is 50 and non smoker.
Any help is appreciated,
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2022.01.19 14:51 russiabot1776 Weaponized Compassion | Jonathan Pageau

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2022.01.19 14:51 WattsonIsWaifu Cant play multiplayer Without gamepass

Just as the title says, the game wont let me play without a subscription. i deleted the campaign to see if it would fix it. which it didnt. how do i fix this? Money is a problem for me right now.
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2022.01.19 14:51 sandwichdemilanga Where can i buy off-season cheaper shorts?

Hey guys, here im from argentina and i would like to know where the previous season clothing is sold. I love nba shorts, i dont have specific prefereces of any team, so any good offer could fit me. Thanks!
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2022.01.19 14:51 5a1_t2x_ Still pro-choice on other issues?

Hi everyone, just a little curious if the vaccine pro-choicers are still pro-choice on other issues, such as abortion and drug usage (or marijuana legalization).
More specifically I guess, is your pro-choiceness a philosophical position or based on your understanding of this vaccine in general? TYIA
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