Package stuck in transit for 6 months??

2022.01.19 14:05 curiousbutfurious2 Package stuck in transit for 6 months??

So I work at a ups store and had an interesting email come up. It looks like they previously emailed us a couple months ago basically saying “I contacted ups customer support and shipped this off with you guys, and they told me to talk to you about this package and when it’s arriving” and just recently contacted us again basically saying the same thing. Upon further review of their package they didn’t ship it off with us at all and it was just a drop off we took (hence why my boss probably just ignored their email) but their package has been in transit in a Spain warehouse for literal MONTHS, it’s been in transit since July. Spain if the destination it was suppose to go to but for it to be in transit for months is just silly?? Do we personally handle this situation or is this actually a thing for customer service to handle? Felt bad just basically telling her to contact ups customer support after nearly 6 months of waiting for her package and thinking it was all relying on us.
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2022.01.19 14:05 juicy_squat How can I stop mouse cursor from switching screens when using Surface Pen?

I use a triple monitor setup with my SP7. I do most of my work on my two (2) external monitors, but I take notes using my Surface Pen on my SP7 screen. What's annoying is that I constantly have to drag the mouse from one end of my mouse pad to the other to continue the work I was doing on the other monitors, since the mouse pointer stays where I last used my pen.
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2022.01.19 14:05 oldhearthgaming SERIBU PUKULAN | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang | PART 4 | BADANG GAMEPLAY | ...

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2022.01.19 14:05 snowarchitect Best brunch in DTSP?

Where’s the best brunch in DTSP? Whether it be by price, food quality, or some other metric
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2022.01.19 14:05 pokepokebowl Genesect raid! Adding up to 10 players. Let's go!

Add 5358 7867 7214 or 6693 1068 5880
Please show as online and be ready :)
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2022.01.19 14:05 street-guru $MSFT $ATVI - regulators more likely to focus on vertical integration aspect of deal vs. horizontal concentration

The video game publishing industry is highly fragmented, with a large number of competitors, which should limit concerns of horizontal market concentration. Additionally, analysts do not believe Microsoft's strategy will be to shift a meaningful amount of ATVI content to exclusivity on Xbox, and in fact the company may act to make this content accessible over a wider range of platforms over time; however, analysts still think regulators will consider the vertical integration aspect of combining ATVI's content with Microsoft's scaled console and PC gaming platform business (a more highly concentrated part of the industry, where Xbox is one of the three major console platforms).
That is not to say that this deal is unlikely to close, simply that there are legitimate concerns priced into the current 15% discount; especially with elevated government concerns over Big Tech's market power in an increasing number of areas within the US and international economies. Microsoft's target for closing the deal is during its FY23 (6-18 months away), which seems to imply an expectation of a potentially long, extensive regulatory review.
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2022.01.19 14:05 Dr_GIR Millvale, Etna working toward shared library system in Etna

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2022.01.19 14:05 Waancho Aging on lees and stabilizing

Hi. I have a wine that's made with D47. As I understand, aging on lees with this yeast creates nice flavors. For aging on lees I should rack the wine off the gross lees while there is still fine lees in suspension. But there problem is that I should use metabisulfite when racking, and metabisulfite can only be added when the wine is crystal clear. So does this mean I can't use metabisulfite when aging on lees?
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2022.01.19 14:05 dolliedemonic Could someone tell me what these are from? I’ve been looking for it but can’t find it :)

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2022.01.19 14:05 LAR-Boomerang playboi carti title

am i the only one that finds carti leaks on spotify super fucking cringey
they have corny ass names and covers like just search it up on soundcloud dumbass it ain’t that hard
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2022.01.19 14:05 iclmno Vanguard

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2022.01.19 14:05 PandaSwordsMan117 Whats the Most Bizarre Thing You Have Ever Done In DnD?

For me, It'd have to be my first ever fight in my first ever campaign, where I was playing a level 1 wizard sage and I decided to do a triple backflip and cast firebolt at an enemy, and despite my DM saying I had a 90% chance of snapping my neck, I rolled a nat 20 and succeeded. His response? "Lucky B#stard..." One of the funniest moments in any of my campaigns
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2022.01.19 14:05 httpjayne Friends doll volume 2 is here 😍 now to wait patiently for volume 3…

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2022.01.19 14:05 4ndr0med4 Anyone got their 1098Ts yet?

I gotta get my taxes done soon
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2022.01.19 14:05 Alternative-Worth964 Finally received this mine favorite one

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2022.01.19 14:05 TheMissouriReview [POEM] Poem of the Week - “The Gemology of Kissing” By Tina Kelley
This week’s Poem of the Week is “The Gemology of Kissing” By Tina Kelley! Tina Kelley’s Rise Wildly appeared in 2020 from CavanKerry Press, joining Abloom & Awry, Precise, and The Gospel of Galore, a Washington State Book Award winner. She co-authored Breaking Barriers: How P-TECH Schools Create a Pathway from High School to College to Career and Almost Home: Helping Kids Move from Homelessness to Hope and reported for a decade for The New York Times. She and her husband have two children and live in Maplewood, NJ. submitted by TheMissouriReview to Poetry [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 14:05 ATM-Stake-Pool Catalyst Fund 7 proposal - GameChanger Wallet to add Smart Contracts

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2022.01.19 14:05 Creepy-Tutor-4179 Join this googke meeting for trolling "aba-fqus-bup" ?

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2022.01.19 14:05 cotawysi Finally received this mine favorite one

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2022.01.19 14:05 EhDotHam What's the most expensive mistake you've ever made?

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2022.01.19 14:05 greg_barton Majority of US States Pursue Nuclear Power for Emission Cuts

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2022.01.19 14:05 cptmajestic2 Cooper fits, it's his favorite place to lay. Friends see him laying here and ask how in the world does he fit in there? Do you have to move the table? haha no

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2022.01.19 14:05 Tex3036 My room isn't that dirty...

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2022.01.19 14:05 hazeyblaazey I made some cool coasters! What do you guys think! :)

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2022.01.19 14:05 Altruistic-Ad-1456 Muni Documents

Have people seen a lot of questions on the series 7 relating to muni docs and what’s in them ?
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