Dragon Priests are not wearing masks

2022.01.19 14:31 guizocaa Dragon Priests are not wearing masks


tested on Morokei, Krosis and anothers
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2022.01.19 14:31 Brendanthehttydfan My first triple strike open for criticism

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2022.01.19 14:31 Mattography7Pokemon Moonlight City 🌖- Chill Lofi Beats

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2022.01.19 14:31 Know_Your_Shit_v2 [LifeProTips] LPT Before you move out of your home, take a video of yourself walking around the house.

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2022.01.19 14:31 TheKribz Congrats on the USB gains from our movers recommendations!

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2022.01.19 14:31 orologi-dal-passato Restoration of a vintage 1950 Longines, I hope you like it!

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2022.01.19 14:31 kcastro23 Hmmm🤔 Some nepotism going on?

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2022.01.19 14:31 supersirj Oliver Tree - Jerk (Skeler Remix)

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2022.01.19 14:31 Elite58 Blizzcon 2023 after Microsoft acquires Activision Blizzard

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2022.01.19 14:31 star_shaped_j3llo Help!?!? Snepy need crack cocoainsnss(

I'm gonna fall asleep before I have a chance to look at commrnts
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2022.01.19 14:31 helpmepickacase69 Built PC but should I rebuild in this new case?

I ordered a case off Newegg since it was highly recommended on YouTube, but in my impatience I went ahead and did my build last weekend with a case I quickly got at Best Buy.
This is my current case: NZXT - H510i This is the new case: LIAN LI LANCOOL II MESH C PERFORMANCE
Is the new case that much better that I should re-build it in the new case or should I just send the new case back to Newegg?
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2022.01.19 14:31 titanhail004 Quick question

Do Volcanic Rounds scale off anomaly power or bonus firepower? Thanks :)
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2022.01.19 14:31 adotsolo Microsoft buys Activision-Blizzard for 70 bills & the Friendos react

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2022.01.19 14:31 Slutty_adoree Thought my eyes stood out in this

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2022.01.19 14:31 satoshi_vanfleet Who is the 5th character and what are they holding/showing?

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2022.01.19 14:31 PeppyPiplup My idea for a Hisuian Ancestor and the full sidequest surrounding them. (Warning: a lot of writing.)

A while ago I started coming up with my own Hisuian Ancestor and I spent a lot of time brainstorming (cough, cough daydreaming) about a hypothetical scenario of what their encounter would be like in the actual game. The release of the gameplay preview last week gave me the final piece of the puzzle needed to fully implement this ancestor into the game which finally gave me the motivation to write everything up and share it with the sub. I tried to make it realistic as possible by making it seem like an actual event that could happen in the game, and the one thing I have to say is that it serves as the obligatory "Spooky Encounter" that's been in pretty much every Pokémon game since the Old Chateau.
I'm not going to tell you which character is the descendant of this ancestor just yet, because the story is better if you don't immediately know what's going on. All I can say is that this ancestor is the ancestor of a Gen 7 character.
The sidequest starts when you talk to Ginter from the Ginkgo Guild. He is upset because some of the guild's supplies have started mysteriously vanishing and they haven't caught the culprit yet. At the same time, people have spotted a mysterious pale figure sneaking about Jubilife Village in the dead of night, stealing items such as food and clothing and rumours have started to spread around that it might be the evil spirit that supposedly lives in a dark cave, deep in the woods at the edge of the Obsidian Fields which has gotten everyone in a panic because they're afraid that the spirit might go after their children next.
Ginter doesn't believe in ghosts so he suspects that this supposed spirit might be behind the thefts of the Ginkgo Guild stock, so he wants the player to look into the rumours and put a stop to them. At this point Volo bursts into the room because he's heard ALL about this spirit and is really eager to join the investigation.
So Volo tags along with the player and they start asking around Jubilife Village about the spirit to gain more insight into the rumours. Several people recount different bits of information, but the most damning evidence is a tale from one farmer in particular who tells them a story about how one night when he was working in the fields, a big hole opened up in the sky, and what came out of it was this inhumanly pale woman with glowing eyes that spoke in a language he didn't understand. The farmer had the everloving crap scared out of him because he was convinced that this woman was an evil spirit that emerged from the underworld (a kid friendly way of saying that he thought it was a demon from hell) so he gathered some of the other villagers and they chased the spirit off into the woods.
Volo is excited because "Sweet! Now we have enough evidence! Let's go investigate the woods!"
What happens next is an escort mission where the player has to take Volo across the Obsidian Fields by fending off any wild Pokémon to a new area unlocked exclusively by this quest called the Necro Forest, which is filled with Ghost Types.
Eventually the Player and Volo reach the cave which is supposedly the spirit's home and at first Volo doesn't want to go in because he's been pretty spooked the whole time in the forest, then he tries to play it off like he's not scared at all "What? I'm not f-f-frightened or anything! Let's just go!" then he dashes into the cave.
At the end of the cave, they discover an open chamber filled with signs that it's been lived in, such as scraps of food and clothing lying everywhere as well as a makeshift bed on the floor. Volo finds the stolen merchandise in the far end of the chamber and runs towards it, while the player notices some weird looking metal things lying in the corner. Volo comes screaming in the opposite direction "IT'S HER! IT'S THE SPIRIT!" and immediately uses the player as a human shield. The player turns to see a pair of glowing eyes in the darkness, orange pupils with silvery blue irises. As well as the eyes, she has weirdly pale blue skin and she's wearing a stolen coat over some sort of dirty white and blue futuristic clothing. Her hair is an absolute mess, riddled with sticks and leaves and she has sun burns all over her face.
All in all, she does look like some sort of evil forest spirit, and she's started to freak out about the intruders, showing a particularly negative reaction to Volo in particular and the player gets dragged into a Pokémon battle. The spirit sends out a Poipole aka a Pokémon that no-one in Hisui has ever seen before, and honestly if the player has any Psychic or Ground Types it gets defeated very easily.
After the battle, the spirit is still freaking out, but now she just seems more terrified and upset. She quickly grabs a stick and starts brandishing it at Volo, trying to scare him off and Volo finally realises that she's not a spirit at all, just a really strange looking desperate woman.
Volo tries to calm her down, but nothing seems to be working until the player has the idea to give him a Revival Herb (or whatever item you use to revive Pokémon) so he can revive her Poipole. With Poipole awake again, the woman calms down a little because now she knows they're not a threat, but she's still really uneasy.
Volo tries to ask her who she is and what she's doing here, but she doesn't understand a single thing he's saying. The woman shakes her head and tries to respond and it becomes very clear that the woman doesn't speak the Hisuian language at all and Volo doesn't recognize the language she speaks either.
Volo is perplexed at how they're supposed to help her when there's a language barrier, but he decides that at least they should tell her their names and try to get across that they want to help her in some way.
Volo points at himself and says "Volo", then he points at the player and says "Akari" (or whatever name you picked for your player) and the woman is confused at first, but then she catches on to what he's trying to say, so she points at herself and says "Hijiki"
Hijiki frowns for a moment until she suddenly decides to do charades to try to communicate with them. She mimes writing in a notepad and Volo grabs a pen and a notepad from his bag and hands it to her.
Hijiki finds it way easier to communicate with drawings so after a while she flips the notepad over again to show them.
The first drawing is an image of a sad face and some strange device that has smoke coming out of it. Volo is confused and Hijiki gets frustrated and points at the pile of metal objects. She walks over and grabs a small device from the pile and Volo acknowledges that it even though he has no idea what it is, it looks very broken.
The second image is a crude drawing of several Pokémon: Luxray, Raichu, Electabuzz and Jolteon, surrounded by lightning bolts.
The third image is of lightning striking the device, making it look shiny and new, with a picture of a smiley face beside it.
Volo is still confused but he deduces that Hijiki needs the Pokémon in the image to fix whatever her strange device is. The idea is that she needs electricity to charge her device again and it's up to the player to go out and catch these Pokémon and bring them back to her. Volo decides to stay with Hijiki DEFINITELY not because he doesn't want to go back into the forest again, no sirree and although Hijiki doesn't want him to stay with her, it's not like she can speak up and object so she just stays silent and grumpy.
One catching quest later, the Player gives Hijiki the Pokémon and she starts tinkering on her device with whatever tools she has on her. The Pokémon strike her device with lightning and when she's finished, she attaches the device to her belt and has a distinctly relieved look on her face.
The device gets switched on and immediately Hijiki starts to speak English, much to Volo's shock. The device she fixed was a universal translator and she's so glad that she can finally explain herself she doesn't have to keep producing those terrible drawings with her embarrassing lack of art skills.
And with that, the truth finally comes out and the mystery is solved. Hijiki explains that she's from another dimension called Ultra Megalopolis and she and her Poipole fell into this dimension when an Ultra Wormhole opened up right beside her. She lost most of her memories and woke up scared and alone in the Obsidian Fields, having no idea where she was. When she spotted civilisation, she tried to get help but because of her appearance and the language barrier, she got chased off and fled for her life into the Necro Forest. Because of how badly the first contact went, she assumed that the inhabitants of this world were extremely hostile (hence why she attacked the player on site) so she created a shelter for herself inside a cave to hide from them.
She then explains that there is no natural light in her world, so it was impossible for her to travel outside of the cave during the day because she got blinded and burned by the harsh sunlight. All she has is the clothes on her back and a few gadgets and tools that were in her backpack, so in order to survive she had no choice but to venture into Jubilife Village at night when it was dark and where no one could see her so she could steal supplies for herself.
She's very sorry that she had to steal from the Ginkgo Guild because stealing is a crime in her world as well. She didn't mean to scare anyone and she really wishes she didn't have to live in the wild anymore but she's too afraid of being attacked by the villagers again to try to ask for help.
Volo is very shocked and saddened by Hijiki's story, and after a few moments be asks her if she wants him to escort her back to Jubilife Village. Hijiki doesn't want to because she'll get attacked, but then Volo says "No you won't! Ill vouch for you! Everyone trusts the Gingko Guild so they'll listen to what I have to say so I'll clear up the misunderstanding for you!"
Hijiki is overjoyed and gratefully accepts the offer. Volo turns to the player and says that now their investigation is finished, we'll have to report back to Ginter.
Back at the Ginkgo Guild building or wherever they're located, Volo gives the full report of what happened and Ginter looks at Hijiki sceptically. He's moved by her plight but he still feels that Hijiki should pay him back somehow for the stolen goods. He turns to her and proposes that he'll give her a lodge in exchange for her services at the Ginkgo Guild. They're needing more people who can do night deliveries anyway. Hijiki is stunned. They wouldn't really do that for her, would they? One encouraging grin from Volo is all she needs to accept the offer and become a full fledged member of the Ginkgo Guild. Hijiki thanks the player for everything, and as a reward for completing the sidequest, she gives the player her Poipole because she feels that the player would be better at taking care of it in this new world.
After this, Hijiki just becomes an ordinary NPC that you can buy goods from (though she can only be encountered at night.) Her appearance has changed a lot. She's abandoned her old outfit in favour of a Ginkgo Guild uniform and her hair is now tied into a braid.
As a little easter egg, you can have a rematch with her and she battles you with the Pokémon you gave her in the sidequest.
Her dialogue is mostly showing amazement at how cool everything is in Hisui and how she wishes Ginter would go out and let her investigate everything. She's heard of the legends about Hisui from Volo and is just as intrigued by them as he is. Though her main complaint is that Hisui is a little... behind, technological wise. Though she expresses interest in the player's Arc Phone as it seems a little out of place in this world... (Though we know nothing about the Arc Phone so I can't develop that detail any more.)
Ultimately she doesn't affect the story in any way and her sidequest is completely optional in the main story, but it is required if you want to be able to catch Ultra Beasts. In the post game, talking to Hijiki triggers another quest. She tells the player about how during her travels across Hisui, she's heard about "monsters" being sighted all over the region. The "monsters" start attacking Jubilife Village and everyone starts freaking out, except for Hijiki because she's from Ultra Space and recognises what they are. The Player has to go out and catch them and she assists them by describing what they look like. "It's very muscly." "It's sharp, like paper." "It has a giant mouth and eats everything."
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2022.01.19 14:31 dudefroggers Working on graveyard, this is one of the cheap graves in the build. Wdyt?

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2022.01.19 14:31 Late_Exchange8698 Veteran Owned businesses

My friend and I have about 30k to start our business. We both military, I've been 5 years AD and he was 3 years NG.
We been really good friends since we met a BCT and fast forward to 5 years later, I'm getting out and him and I want to start our own business.
We don't know exactly what yet but if you own a successful business with a friend, how did you get started? What are some ideas? Things you wish you would've done differently? Pros and cons ?
We trying to build our own legacy and strive for success independently out of a 9-5, willing to work 60+ hours for something we can say it's our business and see it make it through.
We're in Southern California by the way.
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2022.01.19 14:31 Ryan29478 In an op-ed, Stevie Wonder says “I see that our country will further decline without the voting rights bills being passed in the senate”

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2022.01.19 14:31 FriendshipElegant401 i started crying when dad was cutting onions...

onions was such a good dog.
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2022.01.19 14:31 HasFiveVowels How do you make the sound in the opening of this song?

Title pretty much says it all. https://youtu.be/VoBEJEcWEH4
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2022.01.19 14:31 nadanoh حصل بالفعل اليوم 😂😂😂🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

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2022.01.19 14:31 S3LVR What is the weirdest english accent you've heard?

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